Expert Certification: The Process of Granting Casino Licenses

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We are an adult entertainment auditor that specialises in online casinos and gambling services. It is our role to make sure that the public receives legitimate and safe access to online gaming solutions and have access to fair and honest services of games and goods whilst taking part in online gambling as a customer. We are a licensing body that is able to certify casino operators and we audit, test, and analyse the services of the operator, certifying them before the website is aired onto the Internet.

Our Certification Process

At Casino Certification, we have three levels of examination and with this, three different levels of certification. Our Basic Certification process covers checks on the authenticity of the casino’s design and layout. We certify that the casino is not in any breach of plagiarism and that the delivery of the service is legitimate and not a hub of spam induced outlets. We go into the casino’s details to make sure terms are not without important information that is a necessity to would-be customers and clients.

Next, we offer a Professional Certification. This is in addition to the basic checks and includes an upgrade of measurements to make sure the casino and the services are legally sound. This goes into the realms of security within the service of the platform. This includes technical security, assessments of risk compliance, and the architecture of the site.

Our last Certification is the one we will be focusing on mostly throughout this article and this is the Expert Certification. This covers our entire process of checks and tests and our clients that have passed this gold-standard are listed below for you to read about. The details of this Expert Certification are laid out below for you to read in detail, from Auditing and Testing, through to Gaming Analysis Testing.

Auditing and Testing Services

With all sites that request a legal certification to allow them to provide a gambling service online, the auditing and testing service is phase one of all checks. It is incumbent of us to make sure the business is sound with no previous affiliation to failed businesses online.

There is a business standard to which all casinos must meet. This coincides with legal measures and terms. Online casinos were once a hub for money laundering and to help control this and cut-out the opportunities casinos have as an illegal hub for criminals, it is down to us to make sure the platform is in accordance with the industry guidelines.


The content of a casino covers all the dialogue that is provided to clients and members, it is the detailing and information given about the operator and the service. Checks are carried out to make sure accurate and factual details are provided. Terms and Conditions must not be complex and there are rules in how the information must not be suggestive in the support of gambling but should be honest in the realities of gambling.


Legal compliance covers a range of areas within the casino platform from Banking Services through to GDPR. There are laws made by governments around the world and casinos must abide by them. The money laundering example ties in with this across all countries.

The legal checks also cover the platform’s process of affiliated marketing, the awareness of gambling addiction, and the disclosure of data to third parties.


For any business pursuing an online venture web security is essential and our checks are for the safety of both the casino and its members. We look to make sure that private data which is stored is not at risk and that the security of the entire platform is helped by a licensed and in-date encryption service. We can advise sites on many best practices when it comes to security and helping to restrict online cyber-attacks.

This service ties in with a risk management assessment that goes through the data log and locates potential risks for the casino. In the case of risk, a Risk Treatment Plan is put in place to rectify the potential threat.

We identify the risks, evaluate the process, categorize the impact, and develop a risk analysis matrix.

We must avoid and reduce risk and place a monitoring scheme to continue the actions of security maintenance. This is our Treat Management service, which are effective tools that neutralize advanced threats with highly sophisticated components to keep an online service from any external breach.

Casino and Games Testing

For fair service, we will carry out tests on the functionality of games. Games must comply with rules of fairness, meeting RNG calculations. Our games testing also reviews the source codes, reports, random effect, and the overall fair play.

Certifications are granted to casinos which can be shown on their website, should they choose to prove to their members that they offer approved and tested gaming features.

Our Expert Certification Clientele

We have been fortunate to have approved a number of services, the likes of which can be read about below. We provide you with a profile on each that share the following details:

  • Website
  • Games
  • Features
  • Application Review
  • Certification and Monitoring

These casinos passed all tests and checks and come with our endorsement and legally approved licensing.

We’re really proud to have been verified by Certification-Casino™. Since that we’ve been all our customer are really trusting us and we feel like real expert of the industry. I’ve one advice to you: get certified and start being an authority source in gambling!

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